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August 20, 1927
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AUGUST 20, 1927. THE BULLETIN OF TItE CATHOLIC LAYMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA 3 URSULINE ACADEMY of the SACRED HEART GREENVILLE, S. C. For Resident and Day Pupils Will Re-Open September 7. For Particulars Address MOTHER SUPERIOR THE ACME MOVING PICTURE MACHINE For Churches, Schools and Clubs. / For Information Write INTERNATIONAL PROJECTOR CORP. P. O. Box 954 Atlanta, Ga I When in Macon patronize the DEMPSEY HOTEL BARBER SHOP Most Sanitary and Up-to-Date in the City. Manicurist in Attendanee Chas. McBrearty. Prop. INSURANCE Hall and Baskin, Inc. REAL ESTATE MACON, GEORGIA Watchmakers Jewelers McNELIS & BARTLETT Diamonds, Jewelry, Watches Clocks 462 Mulberry Street Opposite Post Office Telephone 4136 Macon. Ca. I BIBB NATIONAL BANK Macon, Ga. Invites Your Aecount Our Motto: SAFETY SERVICE CITY REALTY CO. S. E. Patten, President 6 Per tCemt. Loans, Low Rate Fire Insurance Macon, Ca. Mexico Summarily Arrests and Expells N. Y. Times Correspondent I HURLEY ELECTRIC CO. Electric Contracting and Fixtures 453 Cotton Ave. MACON. G Henry A. Kennington Groceries, Meats, General Merchandise 340-342 Main St. : Phones 3541. 3540, 8542 MACON, CA. I i i [ UNION SHOE SHOP I Hillman Tanner, Proprietor " | We Call For and Deliver. = | All Work Guaranteed : I 456 Cotton Ave. Phone 4371 ' [ Macon, Ca. - II II if: I WOOD- PEAVY [i 1 Satisfaction or Your Money Back Joseph De Coureey Given Treatment He Says U. S. Fro Finnegan Consecrated Would Not Give eriminM Bishop of Helena, Mont. (By N. C W. C. News Service.) Mexico City.--Joseph de Coureey, Former War Chaplain, No'tre for moro than 12 years correspond- Dame Official and Holy ent here for the New York Tim'cs CROSS Provincial Elevated and prominent ill the newspaper colony of Mexico City, has hecn (By N. C. W. C,. News Service) seized by the Mcxicau authorities, Notre Dame, Ind.--The Rt. Rev. given treatlrcnt, according to his George J. Finnigan, C. S. C., ex-war own account, which would not he accorded the worst criminal in the chaplain, former university official United States. and summarily de- and late Provincial of the Gongrega- ported to the United States. tips of the Holy Cross. who was ap- Intervention by the United States pointed Bishop of the diocese of llelena, Mont., May 20, by His ttoli- embassy authorities was una,ble to lend any material assistance to the ness, Pope Pins XI, was elevated to episcopal rank amid impressive cere- correspondent. Since under the Mexican cpnstitu- monies in Sacred Heart church, here .ion only the president can expel August 1. Foreigners, it is assumed that (al- Approximately 400, including three es' direct order brought about the archbishops, sixteen bishops and deportation, eight monsignors and priests of /hile one of the flagrant aspects nearly every order and section of of the ease is that no reason was the country attended the eonsecra- 6iven for the authorities' action, it lion of Bishop Finnigan, the first is assumed here that I)e Coureey member of the Congregation of Holy ran afoul of Calles' censorship regu- Cross to receive a diocese in the lations, which for lunar weeks have United-States It was the second throttled news reports'from fexieo. consecration of its kind in Notre Under this drastic policy, correspond- Dames lfistory. The first eonseera- eats here have been forilidden to tion was that of the Most Rev. Peter send out ally news dispatch unfa- J- Hnrth, D. D., C. S. C,., titular potable to Calles, and at the same Archbishop of Bostra, who was con- time have been plied with "lind- secrator at this ceremony. out;" stories from the authorities The Rt. Rev. John F. Null, Bishop putting Calles and his governnent of the Fort Wayne diocese, anti the in favorable light. "While no dis- lit. Rev. Edward T. Hoban, titular )arch of De Courccy's to the Tiffaes Bishop of Colonia and Auxiliary is lmown which might have led to Bishop of Chicago, assisted Arch- his gresent plight, it has been sug- bishop Hurth. The Very Rev. Mat- tested that he mas, have attempted thew Walsh, C. S. C., president of to get through an aeeo'unt of actual Notre Dame University, the Rev. conditions in Mexico. Thomas Irving, C. S. C, also of No- De Courcey was arrested summar- tro Dame, and the lit. Rev. Monsig- ily by agents of the department of nor Vietor Day, Administrator of the the interior, and taken to po!iee Dioeese of Helena, were deacons of headquarters. There he way de-honor. lathed incommunicado witlmut food Bishop Finnigan was born in 188,5 or sleeping aeeonmtodations, he in Potsdam, N. Y., and studied in .says. American diplomatic authori- Malone, N.Y. He entered the Uni- ties protested the .secrecy of the pro- versity of Notre Dame and was gra- eeedings and demanded that the cur- dusted in 1910, afterwards going to respondent he accorded the rights Rome where he studied theology. of a citizen of the United States. tn 1915 he returned here to join a The Mexican foreign of flee then re- mission band, but became a war plied that De Courter was at jo- chaplain in 1918, receiving a cap- ,lice headquarters h/re. Inquiry taincy for his work. Since 1920 he there, however, brought a denial, has been seminary director, mfiver- Thereupon First Secretary Lane, sity vice-president and Provincial of the United Stales embassy went General of his order, personally to police headquarters but only after persistent deman4s was he permitted to see the corre- spondent, who told him of the sir- DETROIT CENSUS cumslanees of his, arrest. The em- bassy sent hirrt food. The custom- Establishes Contact With ary embassy protest against arbi- trary Caltes'treatment of Americans 1,079 Catholics in Parish has been nmde. (By N, C. W. C. News Service_) Detroit.---Spine surprises are being Church In Germany Given developed hy the Catholic census whicil the Diocese of Det_roit is just New Rights Under Republic completing. An instanee is that of a Detroit west side parish. Previously, this (By N. C. W. C. News Service) parish was recorded as having 960 Cologne.--Such processions " as families, with 4,000 lersons. The never would have been possible in census Ires revealed 1,284 families the days of monarchy took place in with 5.079 persons---324 families amt Berlin on Corpus Christi. Twenty- 1,079 persons more than were knowl six parishes had Froeessiona of the to belong to the parish. Blessed Sacrament through the prin- It is believed similar eases will eipal streets of the parish and each be developed when the returns arc had built four altars where Benedie- tabulated. Bishop Gallagher is hay- tips of the BIessed Sacrament was ing lhe census made on the most given, complete scale, based" on methods The Corpus Christi procession of which he outlined specifically to his St. Hedwig's in Berlin, was a bril- clergy. tiant affair. Dr. Marx. the chancel- lor; Dr. Kohler. minister of finance; Dr. Brauns, minister of Lahor; Herr Sehaetzl, minister of posts; Dr. Sel, n00idt, the Prussian minister of "Mother Come Out justice; and many deputies as well as Ambassador "de Margerie of Of the Kitchen" France assisted at the Mass and walk- ed in the procession. Bishop Seit- ner sang'the lYontifieal mass. and the chancellor and the ministers had ELECTRIC COOKERY IS their llaces behind the canopy, l In Catholic districts there have a - BETTER COOKERY ways been proceasiojs on Corpus Christi day, although since the war, it is an ordinary work-day. The Cen- Come in and let us show you our ter party has recently proposed in complete line of electric ranges. the reichstag, a new regulation of the mnnber of holidays, and Cur- We have types to suit every kit- pus Christi will prol)ably be ae- knowledged a festival day. Good chen, from tiny kitchenettes to Friday will also he a bollday for large roomy kitchens serving big Catholics and Protestants alike, families. I REV. M. J. O'CONNOR, S.J. of them will insure Any one Of St. Louis Observes Golden pleasant cookery surroundings, Jubilee As Jesuit malting your kitchen one of the rap'st attractive rooms in the (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) house, dean, sweet, -cool, un- St. Louis.--The Rev. Michael J. O'Connor, S. J., celebrated mass in smudged, it will assure you of the chapel of St. Louis University better cooking too. High School here Aug. 2, thus bring- ing to a close the celebration of his golden jubilee as a Jesuit. Father May we show them to you? O'Connor spent his early life in Chi- Small down payment. Balance eago and was ordained 50 years ao with your electric bill. at Innsbruck. Austria, where I studied philosophy and theology. He served some years as editor of -- , , -.,---Au'usta-Aiken---.,wv. America, the New York weekly, later servin as pastor of St. Francis & Electric Xavier s ehm'eh, here, and as net- 00lorg. ing president of St. Louis Univers- ity. At present he is director of all Augusta, Georgia mission work of the Jesuits through- out the western province. FLIES TO RETREAT Wisconsin Priest Arrives a% Campion by rplane (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Prairie du Chien. Wis.Priest of the Diocese of La Crosse who were gathered at Campion Prep- aratory School here for their an- nual retreat were astonished when the Rev. John L. Bruder- manns, pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Sinsinawa, Wis arriv- ed at the istitution by air- plane. A heavy rainfall which pre- ceded the retreat put the roads n a bad condition. Many au- tomobiles and the priest in them were badly spattered with mud upon arrival. Father Bru- dermanns "taxied up the lawn before Marquette Hall, spieL and span. NEW JESUIT COLLEGE Bellarmin to Be Erected at Tacoma, Washington (By N. C. W, C,. News Service.) Tacoma, Wash. Bellarmine Col- lege, the Jesuit Fathers' new Catho- lie school for boy here, will be un- der active construction soon, accord- ing to the Rev. David P. McAstock- er, S. J., .nastor of St. Leo's Church of this city. The first unit of the new college will consist of the administration and high school building. It will be two stories high, of brick trimmed in stone, and will rust approximately ,100 000. Immediately after the completion of this unit, Father Me Aslocker expe:ts to have plans pre- pared for the next unit, a gymnasium milding. A wide gulch will afford opportunity for the future building of a splendid natural amphitheater and stadium. Births Fall, Deaths Rise In Half of United States (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, D. C.--Tbc Bureau of the Census. I)elmrtirent of Com- merce annou pets that birth rates for 1926 were lower than for 1925 iu 26 of the 28 states in the birth regis- tration area for which complete re- turns have been received. Tile high- eat 1926 hirth rate (26.4 per 1,000 population) i_s shown for Florida and the lowest (14.2) for Montana. Death rates for 1926 were higher than 1925 in 23 of the 28 states shown for both years. Twenty-one of the 28 states show higher infant mortality rates in 1926 than in 1925. The highest 1926 in- fant mortality rate (92.9 per 1,000 live births) appears for Delaware and the lowest (51.6) for Oregon. A comparison of the mortality rates of 48 cities which had a population of 100,000 or more in 1920 shows that in 27 of these cities the 1926 rates were higher than those of the pre- vious year. the highest (107.4) be- ,ing tlmt of Richmond, Va. and the lowest (38.7) for Portland. Ore. Cincinnati Reorganizes Its Cathofic School System Cincinnati, Ohio.--Plans for the reorganization of the Catholic high school system of the Archdiocese of C, ineinnati, with provision for six new high schoolS, have just been an- nounced through the office of Archbishop MeNieholas. In addi- tion to the six new structures, six established highs schools are in- eluded in the program, which goes into effect with the reopening of classes in September. The reorganization plan is the re- suit of two years of close study of the Catholic high school situation by Archbishop McNieholas and a large number of priests and representa- tives of teaching communities. DANNENBERGS MACON'S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE KENMORE BURNS, Inc. INSURANCE Real Estate, Loans, Rentals MACON, CA. A RIP TO ENGLAND "The Chiropractor Means a Start on the Road to Health ARCHIBALD ENGLAND, Chiropractor Rest Rooms, Sixth Floor Bibb Realty Building Telephone 4557 Lady Attendant Macon, Ca. T. M. DONNELLY COMPANY Fresh Meats and Groceries -- Fish and Oysters Sweet Milk and Ice Cream Goods Delivered Pronptly Telephones 3743--3744 Macon, Ga. 970 Oglethorpe St. CRESCENT LAUNDRY COs Up-to-date Laundry work. Dry Cleaning and Dyeing 519 Second Street Phone 16-17 MACON, GA. Out-of-town work done on short notice SERVING MIDDLE GEORGIA FOURTH NATIONAL BANK Macon, Georgia LACKAY AND LACKAY Dealers in FAMILY GROCERIES, DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Phones 3931-3932 1502 Broauway MACON, CA., J. T. SHROPSHIRE Practical Plumbing and Engineering Special Attention Given to Contract and Repair Work All Work Guaranteed. Terms Cash 517 Cotton Avenue, Phone 1265 Macon. Ca.